3 Unique and Creative Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaigns

3 Unique and Creative Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaigns

As Valentine’s Day approaches, many restaurants will look for ways to entice couples in for a charming dinner to celebrate their love and enjoy each other’s company. When promoting your eatery on Valentine’s Day, the event itself can feel pretty overwhelming. From negotiating time constraints, staffing concerns, and menu options, effectively marketing Valentine’s Day comes with its own set of challenges. Below, we outline three ways that restaurants can prepare for big things this Valentine’s Day, with three ways to show love to your clientele.

Couple Contests

Among the first questions to help guide any promotional strategy, restaurateurs should be asking themselves how Valentine’s Day messaging and marketing is going to impact their sales, and how to use that amplification to their benefit. With more and more people who actively engage with brands on social media, restaurant owners and marketing managers need to start focusing their marketing intentions on campaigns that will naturally grow through social attention.


Use social media to create a marketing contest for a couple– this could be for a free dessert dubbed the “Sweetest Couple Challenge,” or even a free entree, appetizer or meal. Required entries would need to post a photo at the restaurant and use your hashtags or marketing language to support the restaurant to be entered into a drawing to win something free for two.

Heart Healthy

With Valentine’s Day, the focus often veers toward the emotional messages that tug on our heartstrings. However, beyond sentimentality and conversation hearts, our heart health is equally as important for us to share with the ones we love. Use this opportunity to create awareness for heart disease or pick a dish that might support heart health.


Partner with a non-profit that is vocal about their commitment to help educate eaters and further research on heart health and heart disease prevention. Use this to bolster your marketing efforts by making a portion of proceeds for every order of a particularly heart-healthy entree part of a donation to a good cause. Not only does this help get the word out about your eatery, but this should help encourage eaters to eat at your restaurant as an act of goodwill!

Wining and dining

Over ⅓ of the American population will celebrate Valentine’s Day this year by going out to eat. That’s over 110 million people! Take advantage of the boost in business by training your staff to upsell wines, desserts, and more.


Many restaurants take advantage of the holiday rush by internally training staff to better cross-promote and have a good understanding of how well certain wines pair with menu options. Create Valentine’s Day specials for some of your best wines, and allow the staff to upsell wine to diners that’s curated just for V-Day. “Have your top wine selling server give tips to the rest of the staff” so your eatery sells more vino for V-Day.


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